Course Description

Does it seem like your teens are preparing for the Sacrament of Graduation, rather than the Sacrament of Confirmation?

Confirmation preparation is one of the most difficult challenges a youth minister faces. Tired parents, burned-out volunteers, complaining candidates, combined with the general confusion surround the Sacrament of Confirmation, and it’s no wonder why the majority of Confirmation coordinators don’t make it to their second year. Have no fear – help is on the way. YM Central is proud to offer you our Confirmation and Renewal Curriculum, version 2.0.

It’s completely web based: All you have to do is download it and copy it into your word processing program. Give yourself a planning break, and let YM Central do the work for you!

Included in the Program is over 300 pages of information:

– Sponsor Participation Ideas

– Curriculum Formatting Options

– Leader’s Guide

– Administration Worksheets

– Help for Team Development

– Parent Involvement Tips

– A Full Weekend Retreat

– Tips for using the Curriculum for renewal purposes only


A Six-Unit curriculum, totaling 32 meetings. Units include:

– God’s Plan of Salvation

– Developing a Relationship with Jesus

– Participating in the Sacraments

– Christian Living

– The Cost of Discipleship

– Deepening our Relationship with God


Important Features:

– Version 2.0 – Approved by Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted, Bishop of Phoenix;

– Completely web-based resource, easily adaptable to your specific needs;

– Fully referenced to the Catechism of the Catholic Church;

– Proven and tested in parish settings;

– Lets you get inside the mind of a teen to connect the Gospel to their world;

-Geared to evangelize teens: Even those that don’t want to be there!
-Loaded with Scripture passages to help your teens know the Bible;
– Assists teens in developing familiarity with the Saints;

– Passes on traditional Catholic devotions and prayers.


Nihil Obstat: Rev. Peter Rossa.

Imprimatur: + Most Rev. Thomas J. Olmsted, Bishop of Phoenix, July 27, 2007.

Institute Director

Eric Westby, Phd

Eric J. Westby, PhD is the Director of the Institute of Catholic Theology in Phoenix, Arizona. He is also the Director of Parish and School Catechesis at St. Thomas the Apostle Parish. He is an assistant professor of Theology for Franciscan University of Steubenville. He received his doctorate from Liverpool Hope University, with his thesis entitled "Equipping the Catechist of Catechists: A Critical Discussion of Seminary Formation in Light of Priestly Ministry in Catechesis." He holds a Masters of Arts degree in Theology and Christian Ministry from Franciscan University in Steubenville, from where he was the first student to complete the graduate specialization in catechetics. He holds a Certificate in Youth Ministry Studies from the Center for Ministry Development, and has been involved in full-time catechesis since 1988. He is a regular presenter at the summer St. John Bosco Catechetical Conference at the Franciscan University of Steubenville. More importantly, he is husband to Nikki and father of five beautiful girls.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Kenosis - Confirmation and Renewal Curriculum

    • Accessing the Sessions

    • Meeting Essentials

    • Administration Tips

  • 2

    Coordinator's Manual

    • Coordinator's Manual

    • Using the Curriculum for Renewal Only

    • A. Understanding the Sacrament of Confirmation

    • B. Confirmation Preparation Today

    • C. Goal/Elements of Confirmation Preparation

    • D. Models of Confirmation Preparation

    • E. Program Components

    • F. Preliminary Meeting

    • G. Bibliography

    • Outline of the Curriculum

    • Sample Curriculum Options

    • Discussion Board

  • 3

    Organizing Days of Renewal

    • Sample Day of Renewal Schedule

    • Sample Day of Renewal Checklist

    • Suggested Menu Items for the Days of Renewal

    • Sample Days of Renewal Parent Invitation Letter

  • 4

    Team Training

    • Sample Team Responsibilities

    • Sample Confirmation Team Dates Schedule

    • Sample Team Retreat

  • 5

    Administrative Support and Forms

    • Confirmation Administrative Worksheets (in MS Excel format)

    • Candidate Registration Form

    • Sponsor Registration Form

    • Parent Registration Form

    • Pastor Consent Form

    • Verification of Service Hours

    • Sample Parent Information Packet

    • Ministry Sign-up Form

    • Twenty Questions - What Every Catholic Should Be Able to Answer – by Heart!

    • Final Interview Sheet

  • 6

    Preliminary Meetings

    • Parent-Teen Information Night

    • Kick-Off Meeting with Candidates

  • 7


    • Sponsor Orientation Meeting

    • Sponsor/Candidate Activities

  • 8

    Weekend Retreat

    • Sample Schedule

    • Planning Your Weekend Retreat

    • Session I: Welcome/Rules/Ice Breakers

    • Session II: Leading a Sacramental Life

    • Session III: The Depth's of God's Love

    • Session IV: Putting Our Trust in God

    • Session V: Forgiveness and Healing

    • Session VI: Committing to Jesus

    • Sunday Morning Prayer

    • Session VII: Our Task in Spreading the Gospel

    • Closing Rap Session: 60 Minutes

    • Dinner Reception/Sunday Night Mass

    • Parent Information Sheet

    • Sample Letter to Parents/Sponsor about the Candidate's Letters

    • Sample Retreat Booklet

  • 9

    Unit 1 - God's Plan of Salvation

    • About Unit 1

    • Unit 1 - God's Plan of Salvation - pdf Version

    • Unit 1 - God's Plan of Salvation - Word Version

  • 10

    Unit 2 - Developing a Relationship with Jesus

    • About Unit 2

    • Unit 2 - Developing a Relationship with Jesus - pdf Version

    • Unit 2 - Developing a Relationship with Jesus - Word Version

  • 11

    Unit 3 - Participating in the Sacraments

    • About Unit 3

    • Unit 3 - Participating in the Sacraments - pdf Version

    • Unit 3 - Participating in the Sacraments - Word Version

  • 12

    Unit 4 - Christian Living

    • About Unit 4

    • Unit 4 - Christian Living - pdf Version

    • Unit 4 - Christian Living - Word Version

  • 13

    Unit 5 - The Cost of Discipleship

    • About Unit 5

    • Unit 5 - The Cost of Discipleship - pdf Version

    • Unit 5 - The Cost of Discipleship - Word Version

  • 14

    Unit 6 - Deepening our Relationship with God

    • About Unit 6

    • Unit 6 - Deepening our Relationship with God - pdf Version

    • Unit 6 - Deepening our Relationship with God - Word Version